Sunday, January 8, 2017

Top 10 Most Challenging and Amazing Labyrinths To Get Lost In

Do you remember the maze game at kindergarten - children first? Yes, this game contains a groove - the groove complicated way to find something. Maze games also appeal to kids because it contains a 'challenge' to be solved and resolved.

Similar to the maze, the labyrinth also has its own challenges. The difference is, the labyrinth has only one way in and one way out. Both labyrinth or maze both have the degree of difficulty of each. Ancient maze was first discovered in Egypt. Herodotus in his book even mentions that the labyrinth is a building complex in Egypt. Four mazes are popular in Egyptian times, among others Cretan labyrinth, labyrinth Italian, Egyptian labyrinth, and Lemnian labyrinth.

Not only the fourth labyrinth alone, there are many unique labyrinth and maze and difficult to conquer. It takes extra effort to complete.

1 Glendurgan Garden Maze

Glendurgan Garden Maze is located in the area of ​​National Trust Park. This maze is created and designed by Sir Alfred Fox. Previously, Alfred Fox bought the valley in 1820. In 1833, this valley became known as 'cherry laurel maze'. Glendurgan Garden Maze is a unique maze with winding grooves.

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2 Pineapple Garden Maze

This labyrinth maze called 'pineapple' because it has the shape of a pineapple middle section. The maze is made from plants - plants that are beautiful. Pineapple Garden Maze called - called as the world's largest maze in 2008. Visitors who are interested in visiting can book tickets online. Tickets priced starting at $ 4.00 to $ 6.00.

3 Labirin 'President Ronald Reagan

The labyrinth of this one dikreasikan above a cornfield. The labyrinth has an area of ​​8 acres (800 square meters). The maze also has a long path along the 3 miles. More unique anymore, this maze-like face formations formed by President Ronald Reagan, the American president to - 40 who is also the Governor of California to - 33.

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4 aMazeme Labyrinth

Maze not only can be made outdoors. Make a simple maze with shades of 'indoor' else to do. Like a maze that contained in the Southbank Centre, London, England. Uniquely this labyrinth made of stacks of books - books with a total of 250 thousand books. The children were much loved. The maze is created by the Brazilian artist Marcos Saboya and Gualter ie Pupo.

5 The Imprint

Making maze "The Imprint" This has its own philosophy. Formation of this maze foot-shaped when viewed from above. The soles of the feet represents the Colossus. The Imprint was made in 1975. In fact, the uniqueness of The Imprint still attract thousands of visitors annually to this day. Turn - turn in the maze has a unique track, especially in the fingers - toes.

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6 Ashcombe

Ashcome oldest maze maze is located in Melbourne, Australia. The labyrinth has a height of 3 meters with a thickness of 2 meters. This labyrinth has unique rules. The labyrinth is divided into two areas: the north and south. If you successfully complete one part of the maze, you can not necessarily resolve the other parts of the maze, you know!6Snake and Ladders

7 Snake and Ladders

Visitors can enjoy the thrill of looking for a way out of the labyrinth-shaped design of snakes and ladders. Compared with other mazes from around the world, snake and ladders have a path that is not too complicated maze. Neither the deviation-deviation or branches - branching in mazenya. This unique maze designed by Michael Blee.

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8 Peace Maze

As the name implies, Peace Maze is a labyrinth that has a philosophy of peace therein. Peace maze is located in Country Down, Northern Ireland. Peace Maze opened in 2001. No kidding, this maze using 6000 yew trees. In the midst of the maze there is a symbol of peace 'Bell'. The maze is called - touted as the world's second largest maze.

9 Villa Labyrinth

Villa Pissani Labyrinth is a maze of historic created in 1720. Villa Pissani Labyrinth is never empty. In fact, reportedly, Napoleon once trapped in this maze. Because it was deemed too difficult, even a person must climb a tower or a higher place to see the route.

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10 Andrassy Castle Maze

Andrassy Castle Maze was built in a classical style but still elegant until now. Andrassy Castle Maze is located on the border of Hungary and Slovakia. Maze is enough public attention and become one of the favorite tourist destinations. Andrassy Castle Maze has a beautiful labyrinth shape. Maze also has a fairly wide area that can be used for adventure.