Top 11 destinations mexico vacation

Mexico is a country full of history. An indigenous population of Mexico such as the Maya and Aztec has carved the world with the work of the They were amazing. This nation is considered a developed nation as evidenced by the various buildings he has left, The following is a beauty  Travel mexico

1 Piramid Teochihuacan

This pyramid is one of the relics of the Aztecs. You will be amazed to see the building of this magnificent. There are also other sites that have been discovered. The building is indeed simple, but the meaning and history of a long and deep. For that you should not miss this historical attractions.

2 Mexico City

If you visit Mexico City you missed some places in Mexico City such as Cultural Polyforum. This is a privately run institution. Design is a very charming place was designed by David Alfero Siqueuros. The place to host the world's largest mural called "La Marcha de la Humanidad". The building has a building Teather, and others. Tequila Museum, a building with a glass exterior in pairs this effect visible area of ​​the building as they are entered. This museum houses a collection of drinks from various regions in Mexico

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3 Chichen Itza

This pyramid is a relic of the ancient Maya. It is the only pyramid still complete and well maintained. The shape is almost similar to other pyramids in Mexico

4 Cuixmala

This place offers a lot of experience traveled so you can enjoy the beaches, forests, lagoons, diversity of flora and fauna. Actually Cuixmala are protected forests. Villas and resorts in this place menaarkan green atmosphere. The managers of deliberately maintaining the original atmosphere as an attraction for tourists. You can also see the process perlepasan or turtle hatchlings into the sea. Really tourist complex to be enjoyed.

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5 Zocalo

A city of the Aztecs, the place is also the largest square in the world. Disina an attraction damenikamati traditional dances by the descendants of the Aztecs. Berlatarkan aztec magnificent palaces they dance and sing with joy. The atmosphere may be kalaian seemed to feel you are part of them. This place you should not miss.

6 Acapulco

Acapulco is a bustling beach. Many artists holiwod that relaxing here. You can do sports senorkeling, surving and diving. Setealh day of bersanatai in panatai you taste the typical food meksico named Fajita. Turtila denagn grilled meat. For those of you who Moslem do not worry because you can choose the meat other than pork. So if you've got to enjoy it safely.

7 Tula

In Tula there are 3 buildings like a truncated pyramid, Patun-statue 4.6 meters tall Atlantean Similar denagn human figure, the rubble-large ruins of palaces and temples.

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8 Uxmal

This pyramid also Mayan were often called classic Mayan city. Some of the buildings no longer intact due to the erosion of rainwater. Building didomosili Adivino Pyramid.

9 San Miguel de Allende

A small town frequented by tourists because of its appeal is so compelling. Ignacio Alende a meritorious in Mexico Independence da Spain. Mempunanayi town of Atotonilco Sanctuary yan is one of the world heritage of UNESCO. There are many buildings that get up in the 17-18th century ago make the building filled with old-fashioned classic style. Local residents also sell various sauvenir typical of this area. You can buy souvenirs olehuntuk your friends as a memento.

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10 Trajineras Boote

A floating gardens on the water covered by wild rumpur. You can enjoy the flower market and colorful boats. Also in place are wiasta inijuga adrenalin your supernatural. This places a lot of hanging dolls are creepy. If you visit this place should bring a doll to be offered. For those of you ghost hunters this place to try to tease your curiosity. but for those of you who fear mystical things you should avoid this place. mexico best place in mexico

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