Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Top 4 destination Dangerous Activity Holidays

If the holiday is typically a time to stretch out and let go of stress, below are the activities that is not ordinary vacation because it includes the most dangerous holiday activities. You who like adrenaline definitely love same kayak holiday activities below. Skydiving and mountain climbing was plain really know if comparable with this activity! this 4  travel dangerous in the world

1 Safari on foot in Zimbabwe

Safari is usually done by car. Although there are several cars were open at the back, that would still use the vehicle. If you want to challenge the adrenaline, try a safari on foot. You can nyoba in Zimbabwe. On the banks of Lake Kariba in northern Zimbabwe, there is the National Park Matusadona containing hundreds of protected animals. It's one of the most widely got wild lions. You can nyoba safari to explore the area by foot. Want more challenging? Just try nginep wear a tent in the middle of the park.

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2 Driving on the track most dangerous in the world

Bolivia has touted most dangerous track in the world. Yungas Highway located between La Paz and the City Corocio. How not, the line is located at the edge of the hill and had damaged roads. Not to mention the wide street that does not amount to much. Make motorists to be extra careful fitting ngelewatin the pathway. Not infrequently car, bus or truck that rolled freely down from an altitude of 1,000 meters. Nyoba brave this path?

3 traveled to the former nuclear sites

There are few cities in the world's former nuclear explosion, but seldom really traveler visited nuclear sites are not well known. If challenged, you can come to Ukraine, because there is no city is also the former nuclear testing. It is one of the usual holiday activities because you do not have to wear special equipment in case these destinations have not been cleared of nuclear effects. One-one You can be exposed to radiation. This is what makes this challenging destinations.

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4 Pursuing a typhoon in Tornado Alley

Between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains which areas are most often the presence of a hurricane. This area was later named as Tornado Alley. Because it is a rare natural occurrence, many tourists who accidentally traveled chase hurricanes. There are about 1,000 hurricane comes there every year. With a wind speed of about 500 km per hour, the pursuit of natural events that one is so challenging. There is a tour agency that travel hold chasing hurricanes during the day. The most fitting time looking for a hurricane is from May to August.

That adrenaline testers travel for those who like adrenaline, but must be careful and not be as dangerous advice / risk on their own responsibility. dangerous travel destinations 2017