Top beautyful Places Colored Blue In The World

in post this time there will be some of the most beautiful tourist spots version with colored view all blue. For you who love and indeed loves the color blue, beautiful places in the world you shall visit. And although not like the blue color was, sure that he would say this place is beautiful really. That certainly will spoil your eyes and make say "WOW! Amazing ".

1 Marble Caves, Patagonia, Chile

Is not it beautiful marble cave in Chile's Patagonia's blue, blue color is the result of refraction on the ice in the cave. Feeling beautiful in adventure movies disney.

2 Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra

This place is on the island of Sumatra, precisely in the province of North Sumatra Indonesia asia. tourist scenic spots in Indonesia famous in foreign countries and Indonesia has always amaze. The crater spewed hot water is blue. there are several craters in this area. there is a small crater that is coiled up like a puddle of water, but white smoke hot. Can you selfie photo images there, but remain cautious yes. This crater natural masi n at certain times of the crater's heat exceed drinking water that we usually cook

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3 swimming Biru (Blue Pond) in Hokkaido, Japan

in Japan there is also a blue tourist attractions. ga only mountain fuji wrote. And in the pool each season a different atmosphere

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4 National Parks in Brazil

This time the blue comes from the dunes in brazil. This time is not ice but it is sand and blue water lay stagnant, and very beautiful. The extent of 1000 square meters. The uniqueness of the region is the presence of Deserts "Lencois Maranhenses". Quite strange, but it was the presence of water in the desert. Though the desert. There will be more beautiful scenery in the spring because the puddle extends ubiquitous. We could visit there by bicycle or on foot. Because there are plant-tamanan mangrove is the habitat of the rabbit and hamster. there looks like on the beach, but it is a desert in brazil. here during the summer remains a puddle, and there are deposits of gold-colored water on the surface of the spring, we can visit there on foot or on a bicycle

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5  Flower Garden Bluebonnet, Texas

Wow .. very beautiful flower beds Bluebonnet it. Seemed to want to lie to lie down on it. Bluebonnet itself is a type of flower that thrives in the State of Texas, the United States each April. Bluish purple flowers is very pretty, becomes the object of the traveler and photographer.
Each spring, a festival held some interest in the tiny town Chappell Hill. But the festival that is a magnet traveler in a tiny town Chappell Hill. The most intriguing, of course, follow the path Bluebonnet trekking to see the beauty in the wild. gorgeous ya .. may also want to photograph prawedding or pascawedding in the flower garden.

6 Chaouen, Blue City
From which his own course tertebak not? This place is a city that does look blue. Just look at the images below the picture shows the corner of the city that is blue, and memorable classic buildings that make you want to visit and pay a visit-house over there. Which of course could spoil the eye and can enjoy the atmosphere and scenery of blue

Well, that's a beautiful blue place and a unique version of THE WHITE PAPER hopefully can be a reference for getaways, hunting photo, prawedding.

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