Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top Most Amazing Bridges From Around The World - amazing

The bridge is basically built to cross obstacles or to unite the two regions separated by ravines, rivers and so forth. But as the development time and the knowledge now the bridge has a lot more complex functions, not just for the crossing, even now because the majesty of the construction works, the bridge could become a state icon. most beautiful  bridge in the world  Call it the Golden Gate Bridge, naming the bridge that alone we already know in which country the bridge is located. Similarly, following some artistic bridge that is no less majestic and popular course.

1 Banpo Bridge

Unique and creative perhaps these words will you say when you first see the beauty Banpao bridge, this bridge is the only bridge with a fountain, built as its main function to cross the river Yang Tse in South Korea. The bridge was officially opened 8 years ago precisely on September 9, 2008, because of its beauty and uniqueness it is not hayal if many tourists who flock to this place just to air selfie ria.

2 Henderson Waves Bridge

No one thought that the bridge Henderson will be as grand as it is today, because the first at the beginning of the construction of this bridge was built with the ordinary form. However, since the transitional government in Singapore, this bridge rebuilt with a very unique design. With a wavy shape and length of the bridge is 300 meters looks very unique and magnificent. Henderson Waves bridge connects telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber Park.

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3 Gateshead Millennium Bridge

The bridge is no less unique and magnificent next Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the bridge with the world-class architecture and architectural design presents a very beautiful and definitely make people who see it will be stunned for a moment to enjoy the beauty of the architecture. The bridge was opened to the public in 2010 with a length of 126 meters and a width of 8 meters. The main function of this bridge is a bridge crossing a river in the UK Tyre.

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4 Golden Gate Bridge

Bridges iconic unique and magnificent next Goleden Gate in the San Francisco American, of course you are all familiar with this bridge, let alone you lover of films made by Hollywood very often displays these bridges, and often the bridge is destroyed in the movies that, fortunately, only in movies hehe. But it is of course also become one of the sponsors the right to introduce this bridge in the world. The bridge was opened to the public in 1937 by showing the beauty of world class architecture. With a length of 8921 feet of the bridge has a function, namely as a liaison utamana peninsula san francisco san francisco with the city itself.

5 Sydney Harbour Bridge

The bridge is one of this very famous and certainly not foreign anymore, yups Sydney Harbour Bridge with a unique and magnificent able to attract many tourists to come to Australia, even Sydney Harbour has also become one of the icons of this kangaroo country. The bridge has a length of 3,770 feet that was completed was built in 2001

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6 Magdeburg Water Bridge

The bridge with the world's most unique predicate is Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany. If the bridge was usually built to cross the water, in contrast to the bridge, on the contrary we will cross the use of water! Wau weird is not it? But take it to us using this bridge facility provided the boat. So Magdeburg Water Bridge are navigating waterways that opened in October 2003, this water bridge menghubunkan Elbe-Havel canal to canal Mitteland directly above the river Elbe. Senial with a total length of 918 meters or 3,012 feet is this bridge has a title as navigation bridge longest waterways in the world.