Top travel destinations in Doha qatar

Qatar, one of the world's richer countries whose majority are Muslims. Not only has the charming scenery, Qatar also offers a wide range of tourist attractions in qatar interesting place to visit, as the tourist attractions in Dubai and attractions in Oman. Any tourist in the qatar?

Khor Al-Adaid

This is one of the attractions that seem to just be you encountered during a visit to Qatar. His name is Khor Al-Adaid. This is the beach directly adjacent to the desert which was blanketed large parts of the State of Qatar. The beach this one was dubbed the beach in the middle of the desert. When you look around the beach, it would seem dunes and it is this which makes the Khor Al-Adaid so unique and interesting because it is different from the atmosphere of other beaches.

Other interesting things which will make you more tempted to visit this place is because this place will facilitate you to do a lot of activities that adrenaline. During the day, you can try 4WD racing car, try sand skiing, camping ria up in the desert. If you want your camping activities into memorable, you must try camping at night, where you will be camping under the moonlight while feeling the breeze in the desert is once again hear the roar of the water is very soothing to the soul

Artificial Island Palm Tree

Artificial island or known as the Palm Tree Island was built by the Government of Qatar and one of the buildings is phenomenal here. Do not imagine the artificial island as always or most of the other man-made islands, yes. Artificial island in Qatar is quite unique, have a different shape that is shaped as a palm tree plants typical of the middle east. No kidding mega artificial island project carried out by a world-class company called Nakheel Properties.

Palm Tree Island is an artificial peninsula made of sand. The sand comes from the bottom of the Persian Gulf. Decision by the Company dredged by Belgium and the Netherlands. On the outer side artificial island there is a crescent shape and its function as breakwaters / wave which is also known as the Palm Jumairah and made using 7 tons of rock. Development selanjuntnya done back in 2002 and successfully formed a peninsula with a length of 4 km, called the Palm Jebel Ali.

You can imagine how much money is disbursed to create an artificial island on this one, right? What is clear, on the artificial island, you can see the number of villas and luxury apartments, offices and business centers, so this island can then generate money for the State of Qatar. However, the technology used to create the island, do not guarantee the security of the island. Yes, some time ago Palm Tree Island reportedly threatened to sink because of decreased soil about 1 cm per year. Although the news has been denied, the threat to sink the island can still haunt Palm Tree Island.

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Fortress Al-Zubara

Al-Zubara span established since 1938 and has historical value for the people of Qatar, especially indigenous people. This place was once a military base until the 1980s. Until now, the castle and architecture of high archaeological value is visited by many travelers who want to enjoy the beauty and feel of history in Fort Al-Zubara. There is one more interesting is located not far from Fort Al-Zubara rich village nicknamed the pearl is used as a shopping destination.

When you decide to pay a visit to the fortress of Al-Zubara this, make sure that you are up the stairs located behind the fort's yard. With the stairs, you'll be taken to the second floor, where there were rooms with walls adorned by various apertures used ancient soldiers to open fire on their opponents who try to enter this castle.

Desert Safari

Furthermore, for those of you who want to visit Doha Desert, you should have good preparation and do not forget to invite some travel guides. It is they who will simultaneously prepare all the necessities (food and transportation) during Desert travel in Doha. Another interesting thing you can do when here among others are exploring the desert in four-wheel vehicles and camels. But do travel this desert like you should be more vigilant, because the condition of the dunes are sometimes less friendly.

What is also very interesting from the desert safari is that you will also gain an unforgettable experience in your life. Through this safari tour, you will also feel the sensation of staying in a camp which is located in the middle of the desert. Additionally, when you reach your camp, then you will be greeted with a barbecue or treated with traditional Arabic food. So, if you want to try this desert safari, you need to implement ways of frugality during the holidays will arrive due to this ria safari, you have to spend in-in.

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Al Wakra Museum

Al Wakra city located between Said and Doha. Previously this was the area fishing village. Al Wakra but now has evolved into a self-contained village that has a variety of recreational areas. Al Wakra, cities that have historical value, such as beach tourism, mosque, up to the museum. The famous named Al Wakra Museum, is one of the best museums not only in the city, but also the State of Qatar.

For those travelers who are eager to know about the development of architecture in Qatar from ancient times to be modern as it is now, and wanted to study the origin of Qatar, you should visit this museum Al Wakra. Moreover, here you can see a wide range of artifacts that show the history of Qatar. Because this is an area was once a fishing village, it is no wonder if the main focus and the goods on display in the museum prehistoric Al Wakra is not far-away objects used by the fishermen of old.

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Al Jassasiya Carvings

Where this one is located in a town that is in Peninsula Qatar called Al Ruwais. Some of the natural landscape has a unique shape. This charming and unique panorama can see in the fishing village of Al Ruwais. One of the interesting locations in Al Ruwais, Al Jassasiya. When visiting this one location you can watch a collection petroglifyang dngan age between 250 and 900 million years ago. This is a landscape that is a magnet of the travelers coming traveled to the State of Qatar, Doha City precisely.

Until now, Al Jassaiya is one of the most mysterious tourist destinations at once the most attractive for tourists and researchers. Here, you'll see 900 kinds of petroglyphs. Oh yes, the petroglyphs is a carving that is usually painted on a rock. Typically, petroglyphs etched in stone is shaped geometry a lot to make up like an animal fossils. That's a favorite tourist in dubai doha qatar 

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