Friday, January 20, 2017

Travel beauty 7 Proof of Love The Most Magnificent World

Some say, love does not need to be proven with the goods or luxurious things, because love is a form of simplicity that makes the two human happiness. However, there are also people who want to prove how much I love them in the form of magnificent buildings and very beautiful.

It is certainly not wrong, because this building can prove to the world that true love exists, and the proof is not kidding. 7 buildings that you will see it definitely makes your heart tremble, because there is love in every foundation / nice place in the world to visit

This is the beauty of travel 7 Proof of Love The Most Magnificent World

1 Boldt Castle on Heart Island, New York

From the name of the island alone, have imagined how romantic this palace. Boldt Castle was built in 1905, right around Valentine's Day. George Boldt buy this 5-hectare island in the Heart Island (Island of the Heart) is in series Thousand Islands, New York. Castle with medieval style was created as a proof of love for his wife, Louise.

Reportedly, there are 120 rooms in the palace. Complete with an enormous garden, giant tower and other luxury goods. The palace was completed one year before Louise died at the age of 41 years. Because it is so heartbroken after his wife died, George never returned to the island. Reportedly, the palace is still maintained pretty well and many couples who came to get married there.

2 Taj Mahal in India

You must have been very familiar with the castle-shaped dome of this mosque. Taj Mahal became one of the palaces proof of love at the same time tragic enough as it becomes the tomb and the memory of love to his wife Mumtaz Mahal. With enormous love, Mumtaz Mahal is a mausoleum built the palace in memory of the wife he loves the most.

Reportedly, there should be no other building in the world that mimics the design of the Taj Mahal, including beautiful carvings in it. This building became one of the wonders of the world, with sparkling white marble as proof of pure love, pillars, green parks and certainly is evidence that the loss of one will not eliminate the memory of a great love for him.

3 Palace Swallow's Nest in Ukraine

Charming palace and were on the edge of the sea cliff is named Palace Swallow's Nest, but better known as the Palace of Love. The palace was built in 1912 and became one of the most romantic castle in the world. With the Neo Gothic style, this palace was not built very large, quite simply as proof of love.

Swallow's Nest palace was built as a log cabin, but a witness to many enormous love. There are no records showing that the palace was built as a proof of love, but a lot of couples who come to this palace to enjoy its natural beauty, propose to his girlfriend even got married there. After being closed in 1927 because of cracks caused by the earthquake, the palace was opened to the public back in 1967. Keen to get there?

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4 Dobroyd Castle in England

Dobroyd palace was built as a promise of love. John Fielden, a wealthy businessman's son falls in love with a girl weaver from the same city, named Ruth Stansfield. When John proposed to her, Ruth was willing to marry him if John is willing to build a palace on the hill. Because John was really in love, the request was granted.

With the foundation of luxury, Dobroyd Castle has 66 luxurious rooms and a sturdy stand up now. There are four small towers and a main tower with John and Ruth's initials engraved on the palace. Unfortunately, this love story does not end happily.

After marriage, John asked his wife to learn to Switzerland to equalize their education. Unfortunately, the distance makes them apart carefully. When Ruth died, John remarried and spent his adult life in a wheelchair due to an accident while riding a horse.

5 Kellie Castle in Malaysia

Kellie palace is one of the oldest castles in Malaysia. This palace was built as a proof of love William Kellie Smith for his wife Agnes Smith, both of whom are citizens of Scotland. Both missed their homes in mainland Europe, so that this palace was built in 1915.

Combined style of Greek, Roman and Indian made Kellie Castle into a unique and magnificent buildings. Unfortunately, currently under construction, an outbreak of Spanish flu and killed 70 workers. Before the palace is completely finished Kellie Smith went to England to pick up materials castle tower. But the man died shortly afterwards. Reportedly, the ruins of this castle is haunted.

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6 Palace Stratford in South Africa

Becomes a unique find this European-style castle in South Africa. Stratford palace is currently a part of the land area as a place to play golf. Originally, this palace is a testament to true love with the size of the words of eternal love of Sir Walter Raleigh. Some writings that you can see at the Palace of Stratford, among others:

But true love is a raging fire very long. In her mind always burning. Never sick, never old, never die and will never berubah.Kasti is built with a string of optimistic words about love. If you are quite romantic, castle reportedly sold at a price which is very expensive.

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7 Palace of Mystery in Arizona

Do not imagine that this castle as a palace creepy when viewed from the name. Mystery palace built as a magical love story, but very depressing. Narrated, Boyce Gulley away from her home after being diagnosed with tuberculosis. He went out of his wife and daughter, do not want them sad if one day Boyce died,

In his escape, he bought 80 hectares of land at the foot of the mountain. While waiting for his death, the man took the natural materials to build a palace. This building is not exactly charming, but there is a lot of love in it. Boyce always remember his wife and children when you slowly build this place. After death, the building was given to his daughter, Mary Lou Gulley.

Love sometimes does not see anything and anyone but any love will give to his sweetheart, that's the best place in the world to visit in 2017