visit alaska in winter Phenomenon Will You See When Exploring Alaska

Every vacation spot that you go of course have things that do not necessarily exist in other places and have never seen before, and it makes you amazed of it. Especially if you see a natural phenomenon that occurs naturally without any human intervention.

Have you seen the phenomenon in the temperate extra cold? If you want to see the phenomenon, you can explore Alaska where you'll see many natural phenomena that can not be found elsewhere. This is a natural phenomenon that you will see when browsing Alaska. alaska visit best time

The vast ice field

Covering 1,500 square miles, Juneau ice field in the Alaskan is one of the largest ice field on earth. The snow that fell here high as 100 feet, highland make the most of the snow that is melting during the summer progresses.
But Mendenhall Glacier fared poorly, because of the rising temperatures on Earth every year. In 2013, the temperature here reached 33c and the temperature continued to rise during the week, it was extremely hot temperatures to the outskirts of Alaska. And it makes the glaciers shrink as much as 100 feet since 2005.

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Ice blue

Because the blue water in Alaska as well as the cold weather there, making water-water that will freeze and become ice very beautiful. But this blue ice you can see normally in the cave that is not covered by snow.

The flow of the ice melting

Melting ice flow path reveals a surreal world and completely unexpected. Water rushed in, dripping, and entered into a hole that it is roughly 300 feet. Water is the main ingredient in the ice cave, following the flow of the clothes on the ice, and you will often see while on vacation in Alaska

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Animals are unpredictable

Maybe time to Alaska you would think there were only polar bears, penguins or seals. But when you get to Alaska, you'll find animals that you did not expect before. As in the above photo there are bugs that can live in Alaska.Canyons blue

A wave of freezing water

Ice in Alaska will melt and create an puddles, and when the wind was blowing the water will be bumpy even into the waves. And when the waters freeze bumpy it will re-frozen and will be very beautiful.

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During the warm summer, surface Mendenhal glaciers will melt and create blue and dazzling white. Because glaciers are melting and water will follow a low place, the existing cracks will widen and even formed a chasm. you must try alaska visit places

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