Monday, January 16, 2017

Wow! Cano Cristales, Colombia River 5 Colours, Unique and Strange

Could there be a river that has more than one color? There, one of them like a river in the country of Colombia. Usually the river only have one kind of color only. As with the Cano Cristales, thus the name of the river, has a style that is colorful. Pretty unique river that became a tourist destination has at least five kinds of colors.

Cano Cristales River is located in the Sierra de la Macarena, entered the territory of Colombia. To get to the tourist sites can be reached from the city of La Macarena, Meta, Colombia. Then we can follow the instructions in the direction toward the national park where the river is located.
Beauty of Natural Phenomena River of Five Colors

Cano Cristales is amazing and so more than others. At the bottom of the river there is algae in large quantities. Algae thrives on natural rocks.
Well here appeal, algae that live here have a variety of colors including blue, red, brown, green, and yellow. The reflection of all five colors is then visible on the top surface of the clear water.
It is therefore no wonder if the river is dubbed the River of Five Colors or Rainbow River. Amazing, like the colors of the rainbow only. Water conditions on the river still seem natural. No trash or waste cover. The water was cool when afternoon. Similarly, the time when the morning was so cold.

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 However, the beauty of the stunning panorama of this river can not be seen at all times. Corak colorful river water can only be seen when the transition of the rainy season to the dry season. This is because at the turn of the second season of algae get enough light to reflect light they were gorgeous. Although it is located in a fairly remote area, but Cano Cristales was a lot visited by tourists. Foreign tourists often visit this place at the moment the beauty of color radiating river. Cameras are items that must be taken, they visit with those nearby. Enjoy the beauty of the emission color of the river bank Cano Cristales It was exciting.

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Earlier this tourist area never closed for some reason. In 2009, the river is re-open to the travelers who want to travel. Now, it has a lot of agents and travel agencies in Colombia are on package travel to Cano Critales.Demikian articles on Cano Cristales, a river 5 Colours in Colombia a very unique and strange this time. So, how to you the travelers? Perhaps this river is one of the most beautiful in the world. Interested in coming to the river this extraordinary exotic?