Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The beauty of the sea Down Pulo Two Central Sulawesi

Banggai Central Sulawesi Indonesia asia famous for the beauty of the underwater and land dazzling. Underwater beauty Pulo two districts Balantak, banggal district, Central Sulawesi, could be your choice who love the water to spend the year-end holidays.

Coral reefs and marine fauna are still beautiful will make you feel at home. One fauna endemic to the Banggai cardinal fish. Keistemewaan small population of fish has even been recorded Dr Alejandro A Vagelli through the title "The Banggai cardinalfish: Natural history, Convervation and Culture of Banggai Cardinalfish" for USD 145, or about 1.5 million.

Banggai archipelago consists of a cluster or a series of well-sized and small island some 121, five of which are medium-sized, small rest, there was even a tangible rock, sticking to the surface. Pulo two underwater beauty that surrounds the island knit scattered into a cluster called Banggai islands. Vast expanse of sea in the area is five times higher than its land area.

Besides Pulo dua, Banggai also has a coastal tourist village kampangar which is the nearest access to the sights pulo two Balantak. From the beaches still natural and has the beauty of this underwater, Pulo two can be reached within 10 to 15 minutes.

Do not miss the traditional ceremony tumpe in Batui. The ceremony is usually held in the first week of December in the form penghantaran Maleo egg. The ceremony is an act of gratitude for the harvest eggs citizens Maleo.

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That said, the birds were brought from Java, it can not live in Banggai but it could be. And it is believed, the Banggai will not be able to eat eggs of these birds without going through the customary rites.