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3 avenue de la Porte D Auteuil Square des Poetes, 1 Avenue Gordon Bennett, 75016 Paris France

723928 2.104612 43.889480999999996

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Susan Hurt

Our journey to this place was nothing less than a magnificent memory. This is the most beautiful place I have visited and stayed. I have never experienced luxury like that and the hospitality was top notch. I am still so grateful for all the people who hosted us and took us on an incredible journey.

Naomi Hoang

It is a great place to stay and gives you much luxury and comfort at a great price. The service is great and the management was very prompt and was very helpful and assisted us with everything. The rooms were big and spacious, well maintained and the views from the window of the city skyline was just stunning. Loved my experience here!

Emma McGarry

The cafe is a little place situated in the middle of the buzzing market of the city and is a cute little place with a really warm ambience and very nice and friendly people and staff. The food was great and had a lot of amazing local flavors. It was totally worth the visit and we really enjoyed the food and hospitality.. There are places in the world which are so beautiful and magical that going there once does not suffice your travel karma. This is definitely one of those. I loved it here and the place had my heart.

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  • Cleanliness around the area
  • Better signal coverage
  • Child-freindly spaces
  • Photography is prohibited
  • Playground areas accessible
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Jardin des Serres d'Auteuil

3 avenue de la Porte D Auteuil Square des Poetes, 1 Avenue Gordon Bennett, 75016 Paris France

+33 1 40 72 16 16

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